Monday, April 29, 2019

Third day in Kyoto: Budokuden

This was an exciting evening. I went to the Budokuden. We arrived early with Donatella and Alessia and before changing we had the possibility to have a look at a kyudo practice in the budo center.
Before our practice there were the children, very very committed!

Senseis were very friendly and some of them talked to me briefly. We started immediately mawarigeiko and I start my practice with a lady from SKC, which is in Kyoto to try the 6 Dan exam. Mawarigeiko was about 15 minutes (5 keiko) and then we had open jigeiko. All keiko were very challenging but, because of the quality of the all sensei all keiko were very useful to me to improve my posture and the work to find the right time for making an ippon. I had also a keiko with a very old sensei and I was amazed by his strength! It was practically impossible to strike any kind of technique to him and he was constantly pressing me.
At the end of the practice we quickly left and we went to eat gyoza with Maruyama sensei.
Great evening!

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