Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Singapore July 2019

This year I was asked to run the RNAseq workshop at Duke-Nus twice in a year. This time the course was enriched by our new package on single-cell sequencing, rCASC. This year I had the help of three local PhD students: Mo and Yang (Computer Scientists) and Suhas (Mathematician). The students were incredibly smart and they managed to follow explanations and were able to master all the exercises I have designed for them. We also got a great feed back!

Since the last 10 years, also this year I had a lot of kendo: Sunday SKC (Changi Japanese School), Monday/Wednesday/Saturday Tanglin Kendo Club (Tanglin Community Center),  Thursday SKC (Clementi Japanese Elementary School),  Friday NUS Kendo club (NUS Sport Hall).

At SKC I was very happy to meet friends and practicing with them and having Bak Ku Tek lunch with Sida (Nippon Budo APAC).

 At Tanglin I spent three out of my six days of Kendo practice.

I was very happy to practice with my friend David sensei

and with all and with the Tanglin Kendo Club people.

At Tanglin I met Andrew Wong, which is a Jodan player from Canada. I did keiko with him twice over the time I spent at Tanglin and I got some tips to improve my Jodan practice:
  1. keep an aggressive posture
  2. keep the back foot ready to push at any time
  3. keep the long distance from the opponent
  4. counter balance the men strike with right fist moving back near the body
  5. just move the hand slightly on the left when executing kote
Great suggestions!

At NUS the lesson was run by my friend Oliver Ng from SKC. He did a very nice didactically  valuable lesson making in practice the concepts of "Sen no sen", "Go no sen" and "Sensen no sen". It was really a great lesson!

I would like to thank Singapore Kendo Club, Tanglin Kendo Club and NUS Kendo Club for their hospitality.

I will be again in Singapore in November to another RNAseq course at DUKE-NUS and enjoying kendo friendship!