Friday, November 18, 2022

Visiting Namban-tetsu dojo in Mannheim with my friend Volker

 Finally after Covin stops I managed to be back in EMBL, Heidelberg, as trainer of the Single cell EMBO course. I had great time meeting young researchers and all my friends at EMBL. 

After three years, I also managed to meet again my friend Volker, the sensei of Heidelberg Ken Zen Kan Kendo club.  After a very nice evening, together with him and his wife at Vetter brauhaus, with Volker we went, last thursday, to Namban-tetsu  dojo in Mannheim. I met again Ken Zen Kan friends and new kenshi from Mannaheim. It was a great night, summarised by the video recorded during the practice by Simon. It was nearly four years that I did not have keiko with Volker. It was absolutely enjoyable! Also the practice with the other kenshi was great. It was impressive the cleaness of their kendo, even for the ones that started kendo only recently. Definitively a great night.