Friday, April 8, 2022

Visiting Koshikan in Florence (Italy)

 Here I am again, after various Covid waves. I am trying to travel again. This time, I am in Italy in the beautiful Florence. I came to Florence for the Keystone Simposium on Single Cell Biology, where I was presenting some of our recent work. As always happen when I travel, I look for practicing kendo and this time I visited the Koshikan, where Angela Papaccio is the 7th Dan running the dojo.

It was really great to be back in a new dojo crossing shinai with kendo friends. Angela gave me some indications, that I am trying to apply in my every day practice. It was nice to practice with everyone in the dojo. I hope Aiazzi, which is a Jodan player, enjoyed playing with me, and I was very happy to meet again Corti, that I met few years ago in Heidelberg at the Ken Zen Kan dojo (kendo world is small 😃). Last but not least I was very happy to have a keiko with Yume Birardi, which is part of the Italian Kendo Lady Team.