Sunday, October 12, 2014

July 2014: Visiting Boston Kyokai

In July I was in Boston for the ISMB Meeting organized by the International Society for Computational Biology. This was my first time in Boston, a town in which you breath the perfume of high science. I also visited a couple of labs at the Harvard Children Hospital and I was impressed by the level of the science produced there.
Nevertheless I took the occasion to practice kendo. I contacted the Harvard and the MIT Kendo Clubs, but, unfortunately because of the summer holidays, the were not practicing in July. I was however very happy to go at the Kyokai Kendo Club. I was there twice and I was also very lucky because two 7 Dan from Japan were visiting the Dojo and we had a great keiko night.
 Below It is shown one of the jigeiko I had at that great night. Still a lot of work to do in Jodan, I have limited control on the right hand during the attack. The posture is broken ....  I have to work on it.
I will probably be back in Boston in December and I hope to visit again the Kyokai Kendo Club.