Friday, February 7, 2014

January 2014: Visiting Bolzano Kendo

At the end of this January I was in Vipiteno to make a presentation in a very interesting School: Alp Nano bio International School. Thus, I took the chance to visit the dojo of my friend Peter in Bolzano, Kendo Bolzano,
Unfortunately  Peter could not join the training because he was abroad, but I had a very nice keiko with all the people at the dojo. Claudio the instructor of the dojo picked me up at the hotel and together we went to the dojo, which is located in a high school (German language). The school was very well maintained absolutely cleaned and with a nice gym. The dojo in Bolzano is quite new and still with a limited number of people. Thus we started the training in three Claudio, me and Enrico. Enrico is actually from Genova but, since he is in the Carabinieri, he is now located in Bolzano. The first hour was dedicated to basic techniques but, since we did the training in three was very challenging because we never stopped. After the first hour other two persons join the training and we passed the last hour doing jigeiko, 4-5 minute each. It was very challenging to have one hour jigeiko, but I did my best to survive. Enrico was very quick and it was very hard to make a good strike on him. Also Claudio was challenging because of his ability to control the opponent. It was nice!
After the training I was exausted but joined Enrico for dinner. We had nice talks about kendo and various other topics so also the after keiko was very nice.
We got the agreement that Enrico has to come to Torino to join keiko in our dojo and I have to offer him the dinner since it was impossible to convice him to make me paying.