Tuesday, April 30, 2019

4th day in Kyoto

Today is Sunday and it is the last day of the ISEV meeting. After the end of the congress I moved to the Miyakoshi Kaikan Sakyotobuikiiki Shimin Katsudo Center, where the training of the Yuubukan dojo take place on Sunday for 2 and half hours. Maruyama sensei invited me to practice in this dojo.
Donatella Castelli this time could not join us and I went there with Alessia Caporaso. This was a family kendo practice there where children with parents and adults. We started with a warm up done by two little kids. After, we did few suburi and we ware the men. At this point adults and children were divided. We made few lines in front of motodachi and we practice various basic techniques as well counter attacks. Then, we started nearly one hour of free jigeiko. It was a nice time and I did, with the majority of the people, keiko in chudan followed on the last ippon to jodan no  kamae. It was nice because with one of the opponent we did both an ippon shobu in jodan and I was striked by a wonderful kote in the stile of Chiba sensei. On the last keiko I was with the main sensei of the dojo. He asked me to go in jodan and after few strikes in chudan he move to jodan no kamae too, it was very great! After a while he striked me with a men that arrived before mine. Great keiko!
After, Alessia and me when with Maruyama sensei and his wife out for lunch. I had a nice sea food ramen. Then, I moved to the hotel, had a shower and I had a walk in Gion, then I when out for dinner with Donatella, we had a great unagi set to end smoothly the evening.

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