Saturday, October 19, 2013

May 2013 in Fukuoka

It is quite a long time that I do not update my blog but I was extremely busy with my work.
Hera I will add some extra info on my trip in Japan in May 2013. Specifically I am posting a brief video on a lesson of naginata run from the wife of Sumi sensei.
I do not practice naginata and I know very little on this martial art but I was very catch from these young ladies very commited in their practice.
Furthermore I have visited with Sumi sensei a a shinai maker farm. It was very impressive and here you will find few picture describing my visit there.
Starting material: bamboo to be cut
Sumi sensei describes to Pomero sensei the bamboo characteristics needed to make a good shinai 

Bamboo cut and ready to be transformed in shinai
Bamboo slices are warmed up and subsequently passed in a machine that make them straight
Then are shaped (first part next video) and then  tsuka is shaped (second part of the video)
 Discarded material