Sunday, December 29, 2013

October 2013: Visiting Tanglin and Singapore Kendo Club

In october I was back in Singapore for the 2nd NGS Asia Meeting. This time I visited first the Tanglin Kendo Club, a new Kendo Club created by my friend Yeo sensei. Since the dojo is new the majority of the students has relatively low level, but very very commited. There was a very young lady that, although she had no kyu grade, was showing a very strong spirit both in the kion and in the jigeiko. An other interesting point of the Tanglin Club was the presence of a significant number of Europeans. The training was strongly focused on basic techniques and it was perfect  to master the basic of Kendo. We also did some exercises using short version of the shinai, using both right and left hand. At the end we had jigeiko and a little kakarigeiko. That Saturday I was not the only guest there was an other guest from France. Yeo sensei was very very kind and bring both of us out for lunch and we had a very delicious curry fish. The ideal end of the nice kendo practice.

Since I spent about 10 days in Singapore I also managed to visit again the Singapore Kendo Club. I managed to practice in the dojo near Changi airport and in the dojo at the Elementary Japanese School in Clementi road. It was very nice to meet again many kendo's friends and crossing the shinai with them.

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