Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013: Visiting Kenyukan and Tshiku Sei Kan Basel Kendo Clubs.

 At the beginning of december I was in Basel for the RNAseq workshop. It was a very useful meeting with a lot of interesting information. In Basel there are two Kendo clubs: Kenyukan and Tshiku Sei Kan. I got some problem in contacting the instructor of the  Kenyukan but at the end I managed. 

I went first to the Kenyukan Club. The club has prevalently Kyusha and the instructor, Wolfgang, run a lesson tightly bound to kion without bogou. The lesson continued with the bogou  also on kion and only the last 10 minutes were dedicated to jigeiko and I managed to cross the shinai only with Wolfgang. The jigeiko was a bit challenging due to the powerful attachs of Wolfgang.
When I went to the Tshiku Sei Kan I could not managed to meet the Dojo instructor, because he was out for work, but I had  avery nice evening there. The lesson was run by the two 3 dan students. The dojo is located in a sporting center and the floor is absolutely great due to the very high elasticity, ideal for painless fumikomi. The people in the dojo was mixture of various levels. The lesson was based on kion but mainly with the bogou. The last 30 minutes were dedicated to jigeiko and i managed to practice with all the students. People at Tshiku Sei Kan practice a very clean and effective kendo. I had nice keiko with both the sandan students and it was also quite nice to practice with a student that, due to a problem at the left hand, was practicing jodan migi kamae. I had a really nice evening and after we went our for a refreshing beer.    

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