Monday, May 6, 2019

Visiting Kawakami village

After the endo of the ISEV meeting I moved to Kawakami-Mura to visit my friend Chisato. I went to Kawakami-Mura with his brother Hiro. With Chisato and Hiro we have a long friendness that last more than 30 years.
In Kawakami-Mura I met Matsumoto sensei and I had to 30 minutes keiko with him for two days. Great experience.

I stayed in Kawakami-Mura village in the  Suginoyu hotel. All personnel is extremely kind and the onsen is very great. Japanese style breakfast and dinner are absolutely gorgeous.
I had a talk nearly every day with the chief of the hotel, which speak English quite well and he was so kind to give me various information about the Yoshino area.
With Chisato and Hiro I visited the country side. The Yoshino area is very green and it is a country area mainly devoted to the wood business. The majority of the forest is created by man and the wood is sold all over Japan for its high quality for furniture and houses.

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