Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 6-10: keiko!

I pass all the day of May the 6th waiting of for the evening keiko.
We arrived at the Dojo about 45 minutes before the keiko begins. We changed and I was very excited for the training.
It is impressive the way Students take care of guests. We were a total of two Italians and 8 Russians. We had one student for two persons and before starting the practice they described us how the training was going to be. At first there are few minutes of warm up (see video below).
 After the warm up we had suburi (20 repetitions)
The 50 repetions of men uchi without fumikomi
 The 50 men uchi with fumikomi
Finally 30 choyaku-men
 Then we did men tsuke and we started few rounds of kirikaeshi
After we had uchikomi where each of the two partners indicate the technique he want to practice.
Then we had a break which is not usual but it was due to the fact that the week after students had to participate to a competition thus they did some test shiai. I collected few of them both for the men and female and as you can see in the next video their speed is really impressive.
After we had about 40 minutes of gigeiko and the video below is centered on Honda sensei (7 Dan), the chief of the Kendo Club at Fukuoka University of Education and Sumi sensei (8 Dan, white bogou).
In my case I was very lucky to have the possibility to be motodachi for all 40 minutes that gave me the possiiblity to practice with a significant number of students.
It was wonderful and I was a bit disapointed that it finished so quickly.
But I was happy because in few hours there would be asageiko, but about it I will talk on the next post.

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