Friday, May 10, 2013

May 3-5: waiting for keiko

The period between 3rd of May and 5th of May is part of the Golden week, a spring holiday for Japanese people. For this reason some of the keiko were cancelled.  However I spend Saturday and Sunday with one of my Japanese friend. I know her from about 30 years. When she arrived at Kyoikudae-mae I show her my room at Mokkeiso, which is the dormitory of the University students that are parts of the Kendo club at Fukuoka University of Education. After I show her the dojo.
The University
The Dojo
After we spent the subsequent day getting around Fukuoka to see the festival and we visited the Dazaifu temple.
On Sunday evening my friend took again the train to Osaka and went back home.
Monday was spend waiting for the arrival of my Sensei Walter Pomero and an other student of our Dojo. Both were at the Kyoto Kendo Taikai.
Here you can see the gigeiko of Sumi Sensei (8 Dan) kindly provided by my friend.

In the evening they arrived and we had a little party at the Mokkeiso because a group of Kendokas from Moskow came for a week of training in Fukuoka.
Honda Sensei during the party
Finally the time of keiko is getting near from Tuesday and Thursday we will have keiko from 17:30 to 19:30 and Wednesday and Friday asageiko from 6:30 to 7.30.

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