Tuesday, April 16, 2013

November 2012: Visiting Bologna Kendo Clubs

I am a bit in delay in writing this post but, believe me, I could not find time to do it.
I was in Bologna at the end of November 2012 for a Kick off meeting of an European Project I am involved and I took the chance to visit two Kendo clubs in Bologna: Musokan Kendo Club and Seishinkan Kendo Club.
At the Musokan Club I met Stefano Verrina (roukku Dan), which was driving the training the night I visit them. We spent quite some time with Kendo no kata and I got some good tips to improve my technique. Then, after the men tsuke, we did a lot of work studying some shikake and oji waza and finally we did some jigeiko.
It was a very pleasant night  and we ended it having dinner together. During the dinner I asked Stefano for some suggestions about my kendo, his tips regarded my beaviour on debana kote upon men attach. He told me that I was loosing the posture when doing it. This is a point on which I am working and I am still trying to find my way to the correct behaviour in debana kote. I have a reasonable timing but still something is missing to have an efficient technique.

In the second day in Bologna I went to the Seishinkan Kendo Club. I went there already once but I did not have the possibility to meet Stefano Betti (roukku Dan), the instructor of the club. The training was very interesting, we had a lot of suburi and a lot of exercises to find the correct seme posture. At the end of the training Stefano was so kind to bring me back to the hotel.
An other nice night of kendo and an other little step in my kendo trip!

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