Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 2008: Visiting University of Toronto Kendo Club

On Thursday July the 15th I moved from Chicago to Toronto for the ISMB meeting.
As soon as I got to the hotel I prepared every thing to go to the University of Toronto Kendo Club.
I had an appointment at 6:30 PM with Glen, which is taking care of the UTKD web site.
Since also Toronto in this period is very hot, I was very happy when I entered in the hall of the Athletic Center since it was air conditioned. I meet Glen and he managed to find a ticket to enter in the Athletic Center since the entrance is limited to students of the University of Toronto.
After changing I got to the gym where they practice and unfortunately air conditioning was not present in that gym, but it was not so hot as in Chicago. All people were quite young. The lesson was held by a young instructor, unfortunately I forgot his name. We started with a worm up followed by Suburi. Then, we wear the full bogu. The focus of the lesson was the preparation to counteracting techniques. The instructor was very good in sliding each of the techniques in pieces to allow and ease understanding of each of the single actions and then all pieces were combined together. We practice debana kote, hiki men, hiki kote and hiki do. The overall lesson was devoted to understand how to get a point in shiai using these techniques.
After we did mawarigeiko. This time the overall level of the students was more near mine and Jigeiko was nice and not too difficult. After the training I was invited to join again their practice on Saturday, when their Sensei was present, but unfortunately I could not do it since I had already an appointment at Toronto Kendo Club.
I also got an invitation to join the other persons for a drink but I was a bit to slow in taking the shower and I could not find any one in the hall of the Athletic Center.

A collection of videos from University of Toronto Kendo Club

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