Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 2016: Visiting Sei Shin Kan Club

I am in Antwerp in Belgium for the EORTC-PAM Meeting till Sunday morning.It my first time in this Belgium town.

Yesterday I was at SeiShin Kan club. Being a kendo addicted I could not miss the possibility to visit a club in a town were I was for the first time.
Yesterday I had a very busy day, I wake up at 4:30, catch the flight to Brussel via Frankfurt and the a train to Antwerp. At 2 pm I had my talk at EORTC-PAM Meeting.
It was a very long day, but I was waiting for the evening training at Sei Shin Kan. Marco Heylen, 3 dan, was so kind pick me up at the hotel and to lent me one of his shinai. The Sei Shin Kan club that is located in the gym of a school (very soft wood floor!). There I met Stefan, 5 Dan, that run the club. 

We had two hours training: warm up, suburi, kion and jigeiko. This is one of the occasions where I realize that,  in our dojo, we do not have enough time for practice, only 75 mins.  The two hours definitively allow a more rich training. We were about 10 persons on the practice. It was a very nice time especially the Jigeiko. Stefan, his wife Cha and Myoshi are very strong fighters! 
As always happen to me when I practice kendo I was totally grab by the practice and the two hours training flied away.

 After keiko we had a beer in a bar near the dojo and we had the time to talk, not only about kendo, but also on politics and the actual European situation. It is a shame that I have a flight very early on Sunday, in the other case I would have joined the Sei Shin Kan Sunday training. I was very glad to met Sei Shin Kan people, I have an extremely pleasant evening and I slept like a baby ^_^ back at the hotel.

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